Puppies for a Lifetime

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You must make the following purchases from Petland Pensacola.
Customers items must be purchased for the life of the pet:

  1. Health Extensions dog food
  2. Choice of a Health Extensions supplements
  3. Choice of another Health Extensions Supplement or Zogaurd Plus Flea

Products are sold in quantities that last 1-3 months. A purchase must be made at least every 3 months to qualify for the program.


This Program has lifetime coverage. Customer will receive a full store credit towards the purchase of another puppy for the following reason:

  • Major hereditary or congenital problem that prohibits the dog from living a normal life
  • Accidental passing
  • Passing from old age

Nutrition is one of the biggest components for a pet to lead a healthy life.
All purchases will be tracked through ClubPet Loyalty Program at Petland Pensacola.

This program is issued by SalesNet Pets, LLC, which does business under the name Petland Pensacola. Petland Pensacola is a franchise of Petland, Inc. Petland Pensacola uses the name Petland under a license from Petland, Inc. Petland, Inc. is not a party to this program and has no obligations because of this program. There are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS. This program is neither an all-risk insurance policy nor short-term or long-term health insurance for your puppy. Petland Pensacola will not reimburse or be responsible for expenses at any veterinarian. Failure to follow veterinarian-provided treatment guidelines shall void the program. This program applies to this puppy and the original purchaser only; this program is void if the puppy is sold, traded, or no longer in the possession of the original purchaser. The initial examination and timely submission of veterinarian reports are conditions precedents to the effectiveness of this program. The above constitute the entire program provided by SalesNet Pets, LLC, which does business under the name Petland Pensacola. Should this location close or change ownership this program is non-transferable to another Petland Location.



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